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Model-H Plus is a true 5’ wide LED grow light designed to be used in indoor grow rooms for high PPFD cultivation practices in vertical farming. The fixture has a total of 3368 pieces of highly efficient top-bin diodes with a total wattage upgraded to 720 watts, resulting in an 18% PPF increase in performance. Users can have onboard dimming or adjust the spectrum and light intensity by connecting the fixtures with a controller. Four spectrum channels including UV, White (full spectrum), Deep Red and Far Red are fully controllable to customize your desired spectrum/recipe of light your plants need. (Only available on the TrolMaster HCS-2/3). The patented plug-and-play light bar design also offers ease of installation and facilitates future maintenance.

True 5' Wide Fixture
Outstanding Efficiency
18% more PPF
On-Board Dimming & Spectrum Adjustment
Group Control & Spectrum Group Control
Plug and Play LED Bars
External Controllability
4 Adjustable Spectrum Channels

1x Model-H Plus Driver
8x Model-H Plus 5' Wide LED Light Bars
1x 12' 240V Power Cord
1x 16ft 4 Pins Waterproof Extension Cable
2x Model-H Plus Driver Hunger PPF: >2016 umol/s

Efficacy: >2.8 umol/J
Input Power: 720 Watts
Power Factor: >=96%
Mounting Height: >6' Above Canopy
Lifetime: L90>54000 hours
Input Voltage Autosensing: 100-277V
BTU: 2456.74 btu/h

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