Rare Dankness Perfecta BLOOM

Rare Dankness Perfecta BLOOM contains essential nutrients for the flowering cycle. It is compatible with all injectors and fertigation systems. Perfecta BLOOM is also compatible with all hydroponic growing systems and media. Experience healthier plants with less signs of stress and burn. The simple-to-use formula keeps your budget down and your yields up, while producing premium flowers.
  • Rare Dankness’ high standard of quality
  • Guaranteed free of heavy metals
  • Increases harvest weight, potency, and terpenes
  • Easy custom mixing for all types of growing situations
  • Compatible with all hydroponics and fertigation systems
  • Compatible with all growing media
  • Mixes easily in room-temperature water

Technical Specs: 6 lbs of Rare Dankness Perfecta BLOOM will mix approximately 360 gallons of feed when paired with Rare Dankness Perfecta BASE.

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